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Leadership at Life's Destiny Church

Meet our Pastor, Staff, and Team Leaders

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William Hepfner Th.D.

Lead Pastor

Pastor William is a visionary with a prophetic and energetic type of preaching. He gets excited about teaching a word that raises up people to come out of the doldrums of life so they may reach their life's destiny. He does this by making sure you understand the milk of the Bible. Then he pours out teachings that will make up a healthy meal containing a thick and juicy steak called, "The Word of God." He lets you know, "with God, all things are possible."

Currently, Pastor William serves as the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Arizona District Evangelism Director, while Pastoring two Churches. On Sunday, he teaches Christians about Jesus, and on Saturday, he teaches Jews about Jesus. 

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Regina (Gina) Hepfner B.Th.

Associate Pastor

Pastor Gina has a special gift of ministering to the women of the Church that have been abused and belittled during their youth. She came from a dysfunctional household and has had to deal with many issues. She uses God's wisdom that taught her how to overcome fear, hatred, abuse, and disappointment. But most importantly, she specializes in teaching hurt and angry women how to forgive.


Nursery, Kids, & Youth Teachers will be needed
at the end of the Pandemic.

If you would like to fill one of those positions, go to our Contact Page and let us know what you're thinking about. We want our kids to be excited while learning and having fun!  

To be filled in later.


Worship Leader & Musicians Wanted

Starting Immediately -

The duty is to Form and Lead a Worship Team and Band.
We are currently using CCLI Top  Songs 50 for Praise & Worship.
We love to make a joyful noise for our Lord, Jesus.

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