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Coffee with Jesus

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

If you could sit down over a cup of coffee with Jesus, what would the conversation consist of? Maybe you would talk about your future and all that it may hold; what you will be doing with your life, how successful you will be. It could be that you would bring up a conversation about the economy, or the COVID-19 virus. You might want to talk about the current state of humanity. Or, would you ask why there’s so much suffering in our world and why we don’t see as many miracles anymore?

Perhaps you would be tempted to ask Him for a million dollars or for great health. Maybe you would talk about a Bible story, one of the many church doctrines, religions throughout our world, or a loved one that has passed away. You may want to talk about the person in whom you should date and become involved with, or which online service will help you find your perfect match. Then again, you may want to avoid the subject because you’re in a relationship that may not be pleasing to God, you already know what He would say, and you would rather not hear it. There’s so much to find out about Jesus; where He would go to church if He lived with us today, would he do all His speaking and teaching in great stadiums and on TV like Billy Graham. Would He tell people to send in their money and support His ministry? Since you’re sitting with Him drinking coffee, you may ask, “Hey Jesus, do you even like coffee? What's your favorite?” I like to think He would tell you about all the great coffee beans grown in heaven, and about some of the most incredible coffee drinks, one could ever dream of or imagine. Maybe every Tuesday morning He sits at a coffee shop on 7th Heaven Boulevard with Moses talking about the old days and sipping on the perfect cup brewed by the angel baristas. So, after a couple of sips and some small talk, Jesus looks at you and asks the question that goes deeper, “Tell me, what’s going on in your life?” What would you say? Would you speak of all the hard work you do and that you have tried your very best to be a good person? Maybe you would mention your grand generosities; how you gave a dollar to a poor person standing on the corner and you slipped a five-dollar bill in the offering plate last time you went to church. You may say to Jesus while looking down at your cup of coffee, “Life is great! I can’t think of any problems or heart-aches in my life.” As you look up with a forced smile on your face you continue, “I feel very blessed and everything in my life is perfect. I have a job, I go to church, I’m in a Bible study, I have a homegroup, I volunteer in my community, I hardly ever screw up; everything thing seems to be fine Jesus. Thanks for asking anyway.” Do you think He would put down His coffee and look past that happy face of yours, deep into the soft gelatin orb of your tearing eye and into a heart that covers up the truth about everything you feel inside? Would He see the loneliness, the seclusion, the pain, the empty throbbing heart, the questions, the doubt, the mistrust, the sin that provides a moment of happiness but never true joy? “Your church, your Bible studies, your home-groups, your acts of service, are all good,” Jesus would say in response, “unfortunately those things don’t heal the pain and the problems that put that tear in your eye.” As He continues to speak, you lean in a little closer making sure you catch His every word. “Those are all just a form of religion if you don’t have the relationship. I’m here having coffee with you because I want a relationship with you. And when you seek a relationship with me as your Lord, all of those things like church, Bible study, and community service just fall into place because you desire to please me, not because you have to. Additionally, I’ll begin to heal your pain, your loneliness, your heartache, answer those questions, and take away every doubt."


"If you let me into those secret closets of your life, which I already know about, and if you really share your life with me in a relationship, that’s when you'll find true joy.”


He takes another sip and pauses, but for only a moment, "If you let me into those secret closets of your life, which I already know about, and if you really share your life with me in a relationship, that’s when you'll find true joy.” After listenting for a few moments, you’ll ask Him the only question that really matters. “Can we have coffee together more often?” This is where you’ll see the most incredible smile form on your Saviors face. “Yea. I think you’re starting to get it.” He reflects for a moment, and then asks, “Want to get together on Friday night for supper? I’ll bring the bread and wine.” You don’t have to have coffee with Jesus to have a real conversation with Him. You don’t have to sip on a latte, to go deeper. He doesn’t need an espresso to stay awake. Believe it or not, He wants to have real conversations with you, daily. He wants to have a real relationship with you, not just the acts of religion. He wants you to bring the pain, the concerns, the desires, the needs, the sin, the anger, the hopes and the dreams you have in your life to Him. So find a place now; your room, your kitchen, your couch, or even a coffee shop and spend some ‘real’ time just talking to Jesus. Share with Him the truth of your life. Go deep! Tell Him you want every area of your life to be pleasing to Him; like an offering – a sacrifice. When you do, He promises that the conversation won’t be one-sided. He’ll even spend the day with you. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6


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